You Don’t Train Hard to Be Second

#BeFirst Is a Neuroperformance-based App That Gives Athletes an Unfair Advantage

Train Your Brain,

Explode Your Athletic Potential

You physically train hard on the field, on the court, in the ring or wherever your favorite sport sees you sweat it out everyday.

But that’s what every other athlete does...

It’s even more crucial to train your brain to keep up with your muscles. This is where you really gain an edge over your competition.

Neuroperformance training is the secret weapon that allows world-class athletes to perform at their peak and win, time after time.

The #BeFirst Advantage

Through a series of neuroperformance-specific training drills, #BeFirst can improve visual and audio reactions and processing, decision making, speed and accuracy.

Until now this sort of training has not been available even to elite athletes.

#BeFirst also helps you to:

  • Train your peripheral vision using voice recognition technology.
  • Train your visual and audio reactions using interactive accelerometer technology and measure left vs right accuracy, including reaction time.
  • Train visual processing and recall with the #BeFirst tachistoscope.
  • Measure personal bests and common athletic benchmarks.

Existing hardware systems are clunky, cost thousands of dollars and cannot achieve half of what #BeFirst can do for your performance.

#BeFirst is multi-faceted neuroperformance training in the palm of your hand.

Take it wherever your sport takes you.

Multiple Tests to Train Your Brain

Train by yourself Or take on your friends and see who really has the sharpest skills
The team behind #BeFirst

The Neuroperformance Specialists that designed #BeFirst have worked with elite athletes in:


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