How to Integrate #BeFirst
into YOUR Training

#BeFirst can be a little daunting at first.When and where do you implement the training? How?
AND how and when is the best time to get the most benefit?
What do you pair it with? Gym session? Skill session?
Seperate to anything else?Well we have the answers for you right here and its very simple.

#BeFirst was created by a Neuro Performance specialist who works WITH athletes. So we know how much athletes have on their plate. We know athletes want a lot of bang for their buck AND we know athletes like quick results without getting into over training. #BeFirst is designed in APP form so that you can use it anywhere anytime. Of course you can use it when you get a few minutes.

The MAIN reason for the integration of #BeFirst is Neural. You are training neural pathways all the time. These pathways can be great skills that you have practised for years and are second nature, or they can be skills that need more work and refinement. The more the better. BUT there are also great reasons to integrate #BeFirst into your other training sessions and its very easy to do.

For example,

When a pathway in the brain is very refined and perfected, that pathway can be paired with a pathway that is not as excellent. This pairing can help the less defined pathway become stronger. Think of it as a good pathway giving a crappy pathway a helping hand. This is happening in your BRAIN simply by doing a skill or movement your are really good at, then a skill or movement you are NOT as good at. THIS HELPS the crappy skill (pathway) improve faster.

During the initial studies of stimulation induced plasticity, it was noted that when a weak input, that was insufficient to induce synaptic plasticity on its own, immediately followed a strong input, the weak input could be strengthened. Therefore when a neuron is already sufficiently stimulated by one pathway, it becomes sensitised to inputs from addition pathways. In other words, if a synapse from neuron A is strongly driving neuron B when an input from neuron C arrives, then the synapse from neuron C will increase in strength. This is what we mean by “neurons that fire together wire together

Jeffrey Kleim, PHD

find a feature in #BeFirst
that you really struggle with

If you find a feature in #BeFirst that you really struggle with, pair it with a skill or movement you are really good at. This will help speed up your improvement.

If you are very very good at squats, and you know your peripheral vision is poor, Do a full set of squats at a decent weight (not an easy weight) Then use RECOGNITION in #BeFirst
The good pathways will assist the weaker ones!

Integration of #BeFirst in a GYM session

Most athletes hit the gym 2-6 times per week for some type of strength training to supplement the needs of their sport. #BeFirst can slot into your gym routine fairly easily.

SUPREMACY is designed to assist you in tracking and graphing your most common athletic benchmarks. Use Supremacy each time you train these lifts.

You can also use features that complement your focus for the session. ACCELERATE features can be paired with sessions that have a focus on power and speed, such as sessions involving bigger compound lifts and especially those involving olympic lifts

Eye work can also supplement a strength and conditioning routine. FUSION can give you more stability, accuracy and neural drive.


#BeFirst can be used to assist with the practice of your specific skill set. Again you can use your best skills (pathways) to enhance the skills that you struggle with by pairing them together.

Cells that fire together, wire together.
Cells that fire out of sync, lose their link

Any sports
specific skill with

Dynamic recognition
Dynamic speed test
Stroop test or Switch
Work on your visual processing skills. Don’t forget we have two eyes so try rapid react with your weaker eye.


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