Influence of practice on visual reaction time
Retention of practice effects on simple reaction time for peripheral and central visual fields
Convergence Insufficiency
Analysis of Central and Peripheral Vision Reaction Times in Patients With Post concussion Visual Dysfunction _Visual_Dysfunction
Individual differences in resting cortico-spinal excitability are correlated with reaction time and GABA content in motor cortex
Individuals exposed to blue wavelength lights experienced faster reaction times
Detecting single-target changes in multiple object tracking: The case of peripheral vision
Slowed response to peripheral visual stimuli during strenuous exercise
Quiet eye predicts goaltender success in deflected ice hockey shots
Effect of the look-up line on the gaze and head orientation of elite ice hockey players
The Quiet Eye Provides Preplanning and Online Control Support for Interceptive Task Performance
Improved vision and on-field performance in baseball
The Role of Central and Peripheral Vision in Expert Decision Making
Plasticity of Attentional Functions in Older Adults


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